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Professional Boat Care is owned and operated by Peter Jenyns, an experienced captain who has spent a lifetime on and around boats. The Jenyns family are well known within the Queensland boating community and Peter’s passion for boating runs deep. He is an accomplished yachtsman and fisherman, has worked as a Master Class V charter boat captain and now operates his boat maintenance business.

His lifetime of experience guarantees you are dealing with a professional who can provide the best solution for your boat care needs.

  • Professional Boat Care is fully insured
  • Professional Boat Care is a ‘one stop shop’ for boat owners.
  • We offer professional advice & cost effective support with the maintenance of your boat.
  • Our services include polishing, cleaning, detailing, repairs & servicing, project management, deliveries & procurement of equipment.
“Professional Boat Care will minimize your overall running costs while helping maintain your boat’s value and enjoyment.”


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Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Our client's Sunrunner looking new again after a full cut & polish!Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 4 new photos.05.01.2017 at 11:25 amLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd The beautiful Lucinda Bay, certainly one of Moreton Bay's most charming cruisers got a little Professional Boat Care love today.Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 10 new photos.23.12.2016 at 12:41 pmLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Some of our clients' beautiful Moreton Bay Cruisers enjoying a Christmas raft up at Myora last night. From left looking at sterns - my little fishing boat Salt Shaker III, Lucinda Bay, Dolphin, Billecart II, Ellen R and Rambler.Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 13 new photos.21.12.2016 at 10:31 pmLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Client's Clipper 60, hull polish, antifoul and propspeed - back in the water this afternoon in time for Christmas cruising!Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 4 new photos.16.12.2016 at 10:30 amLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Continuing the Manly Harbour wildlife series, I just came across these massive Catfish in the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club marina. There were 3 in that school, but the very next berth had another 4!13.12.2016 at 05:03 amLike

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