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Professional Boat Care is owned and operated by Peter Jenyns, an experienced captain who has spent a lifetime on and around boats. The Jenyns family are well known within the Queensland boating community and Peter’s passion for boating runs deep. He is an accomplished yachtsman and fisherman, has worked as a Master Class V charter boat captain and now operates his boat maintenance business.

His lifetime of experience guarantees you are dealing with a professional who can provide the best solution for your boat care needs.

  • Professional Boat Care is fully insured
  • Professional Boat Care is a ‘one stop shop’ for boat owners.
  • We offer professional advice & cost effective support with the maintenance of your boat.
  • Our services include polishing, cleaning, detailing, repairs & servicing, project management, deliveries & procurement of equipment.
“Professional Boat Care will minimize your overall running costs while helping maintain your boat’s value and enjoyment.”


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Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Our client's Nordhavn 57 work is nearing completion with the hull polish completed, shafts and props going back in, antifouling completed, engine services completed, stabilizers serviced, and shipwright repairs almost finished - she'll be as good as she's ever been when she splashes next week!Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 3 photos and a video.21.02.2017 at 11:40 amLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Have just returned from the Garmin Gamefish Classic & Interclub Shield 2017, hosted by the Little Ship Gamefish Club at North Stradbroke Island. Winning boat caught and released 5 black Marlin on live bait off the Gold Coast. A couple more boats found some on Wide Caloundra and a couple of Blue Marlin were released out on the shelf! Sadly no marlin for us this time, but my client's son had a ball catching over a dozen Skipjack Tuna and a nice Mahi Mahi....and yes, he also purchased at auction, the famous diamond encrusted gold Yabby Pump!Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 10 photos and 2 videos.19.02.2017 at 04:07 amLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd It's was a hive of activity today on our client's Nordhavn 57. Project managing such a large job is a pleasure when your team of contractors all share your passion for delivering the best job possible!Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 8 new photos.14.02.2017 at 11:45 amLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd Just moved our client's beautiful Nordhavn 57 to Rivergate Marina and Shipyard this morning for her annual haul out. Such a capable little ship, yet still luxurious on the inside - a pleasure to have her in the Professional Boat Care fleet!Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd added 12 new photos.13.02.2017 at 02:58 amLike
Professional Boat Care Pty Ltd I've kept this shot from a few years ago because it still amazes me how friction from a prop shaft, on an engine doing 1,300 rpm, can generate enough heat underwater to melt this rope into a hard plastic collar! It took a mate and me an hour to cut it free one New Year's Eve (right on dusk), anchored on the outside edge of Myora - luckily we had a butcher's son on the duckboard sharpening our knives between breaths, but the ever present fear of those big sharks that swim along that edge was by far the worst part! By the way, bread knives were the most effective at cutting this off!09.02.2017 at 11:31 amLike

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