Cairns Marlin Fishing Report – Nov 2013

Sadly this estimated 600lb marlin was eaten near the boat by a pack of at least eight 600lb+ whalers. It was all over in a matter of 15 seconds. This is thankfully a pretty rare thing to happen and almost all the fish caught these days are released in good condition.

We returned to fish heavy tackle out of Cairns last week and although it was very quiet we did manage to hook up and fight an estimated 600lb black marlin which sadly got eaten by sharks. We counted some 20 boats  most days, all fishing the Opal Ridge and the Linden Bank area and from all reports only half a dozen marlin were caught and released during our 3 days. Being one of these boats zig-zagging along the continental shelf drop-off, towing two big baits is such a buzz. Knowing that at any minute you could easily encounter that 1000lb+ fish of a lifetime is what makes this fishery world class. Although we missed the hot bite two weeks ago, this season has been considered probably the best ‘big fish’ bite since the 1980′s which is exciting to see the Cairns fishery in such good condition! However, as I have said before, its not all about the marlin – even the bait fishing is fun, and then you squeeze in a quick spear before heading out and you have the ultimate day!  Click on the shots below to enlarge.

This one was a little too big for bait so we were forced to eat Mackerel everyday!












One of the hottest crews around at the moment. Captain Ross Finlayson and our old deckie Andy Dow have just won the prestigous Lizard Island Tournament two years straight!


















Bottom fishing off Cairns can't be compared to anything down this way. Quality fish are on-tap!












A quick spear before heading out to the marlin grounds is a must!
















Catching the bait occupies the mornings and is great fun. We even hooked a baby black marlin this morning. These mackerel and tuna are head rigged with a single hook and skipped along behind the boat. Big baits for big fish!













Always fun to catch but when you are looking for marlin bait they are time wasters!













Opal Reef was a parking lot every night with so much fishing being concentrated down the southern end of the reef as the season tails off. A great gathering of like-minded people!














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