Customer’s new 36 Grady White is a fish raiser!

Peter Jenyns skippering customer's new Grady White 36

Professional Boat Care customer’s new Grady White 36 is a real head turner. With 700hp (twin Yamaha 350′s) on the transom she happily cruises at 30 knots all day! She is also proving to be a fish raiser with her first trip to Lady Musgrave recently producing plenty of fish. She also produced some quality fish last Monday out on Shallow Tempest where we experienced a hectic bite early morning of Jew and Yellowtail Kingfish. Unfortunately the sharks were also taking advantage of the situation, forcing us to abandon these grounds and head wider where managed to put some Pearlies and Squire in the box. Near drop out conditions and a sexy boat like this makes for a great day! Check out the photos below from both trips.





















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