Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Professional Boat Care offers a Brisbane boat cleaning service as well as covering the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We set the standard in Brisbane, and our interior and exterior cleaning services are regularly used by owners and Brokers in pre-sale or boat show detailing.

It doesn’t take long for your boat to be covered in grime and sooty fall out that rain doesn’t wash away, and for many owners, the last thing they want to do is waste time washing her down before they leave, or on their return. We use the appropriate detergents to ensure your polished surfaces remain that way, while still removing stubborn soot and grime or salt, leaving your boat sparkling clean and chamoised dry.

Professional Boat Care also offers the highest level of interior cleaning. Cleaning a boat’s interior is not the same as cleaning your home’s interior. Salt mist and air affects all the surfaces, mould can be a real issue if all surfaces aren’t thoroughly cleaned and dried and heads and showers need to be cleaned before the boat is locked up for extended periods.

We also offer an engine room detailing service.

Call for a quote and check out our ‘Articles’ section for more information about boat cleaning!

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